Project Spotlight


A groundbreaking benefits platform

MyWorkPal is an exciting addition to an established online benefits platform provider. I was approached to create a new brand and UI for the forward thinking people at Avantus Systems. I began by exploring a number of logo concepts and colour schemes. After deliberation, the chosen concept was further refined and defined.


Thereafter, I produced prototypes of an entirely new user interface (UI) to accompany the brand, focusing on a need to display highly dynamic information clearly and efficiently.

To streamline the development process, the mockups were built into working prototypes using Twitter’s ubiquitous Bootstrap front-end development tools.

Picture of MyWorkPal logo development

Front-end development

Picture of MyWorkPal front-end code development

MyWorkPal is being offered as a groundbreaking system built from the ground up to be modular and customisable. As a result the ensuing UI & front-end coding had to be equally as flexible.

I worked on an original theme that could be used as a baseline. As more clients adopt the platform, the theme can be customised and branded with ease.

Project features

  • Responsive design
  • User interface
  • Branding
  • Prototyping
  • Twitter Bootstrap