Bespoke - it's beautiful

Ottobyte prides itself in offering website design & development that stands out. Whether it's a creating a unique online presence or a multi-tenanted corporate UI framework, Ottobyte can get the job done, and with style!

Below is some information on the more common assignments I get involved with and how I go about them. It is useful however, whatever type of project undertaken to meet up and have a chat about your requirements.

Web design & development

Ottobyte works hard with you to ensure that the design created for your website is unique, functional and attractive. Design is very much an iterative process with visual concepts being initially created, and then further refined, until reaching the desired outcome you are happy with.

CMS systems & Blogs

Websites that don't evolve have a tendency to get buried in a sea of search results and date rapidly. It is good to tell people what you do, but it helps more to keep them updated and communicate with them regularly. Newcomers and return visitors will be rewarded with fresh and up to date information.

Using a content management system or CMS puts you in control of this process. Need to update your homepage, or add a new blog post with images about your latest offer? No problem with a CMS system.

Ottobyte utilises the ubiquitous WordPress blogging platform for cms or blog driven sites. Due to it's popularity, the benefits of this approach include the scale of customisations that can be employed. This flexibility affords you true control over what you would like to achieve on the web. If it can be done, WordPress can probably do it!

E-commerce sites

If you are looking to sell your products online, an E-Commerce enabled site will allow you to do this effectively. With an advanced shopping cart, online statistics and stock control, you can take charge of your selling all from one place. With a simple user interface, controlled directly from the website, you can handle the promotions, sales, postage and digital downloads…

What's more, your online store can be visually tailored to your visual identity, enhancing usability and familiarity between you and your customers.

Mobile site development

In recent years the use of smartphones and tablet devices has exploded, the trend away from the desktop shows no sign of abating. Many sites have been optimised for this already, whilst others have tried unsuccessfully to do so. A poorly devised mobile browsing experience can be a slow and frustrating experience. A "standard" website often means alot of pinching and zooming.

Ottobyte creates "device agnostic" websites from the ground up, avoiding many of the potential pitfalls popular templates cause. Websites need to be designed for the content & layout not the screen size. Chasing screen sizes is a moving target - a well developed website will work on many types of screens, from the latest phablets to incoming "4K" screens.

SEO optimisation

Search engine optimisation is often viewed as a dark art on the web! Whilst still learning his SEO guru chops, Ottobyte knows how important good quality, relevant content can be to ensure that your website is being taken seriously by Google. SEO relies on the cumulative effect of many factors to have an influence.

As standard, Ottobyte looks at how content is structured whilst building a website, encapsulating content into well formed and structured HTML markup. Having good quality inbound and outbound links also play their role in this. Social media is also a valuable tool to attract and engage users

Email campaigns

Are you in need a mailshot?

Let Ottobyte help you to design and create an attractive email ad campaign to attract new business.

UI/UX prototyping

Prototypes are what blueprints are to buildings. Instead of showing all the materials, colours and complexity, the prototype strips down the visual layout to it's bare form. The benefits from this approach are potential pitfalls are avoided before spending lengthy development and build time.

Prototypes generally come in 2 forms: Having previously worked in a large UI/UX team I have worked on both types of prototypes and can advise you on the best choice for you:

  • Simplified graphical wireframes show how a User Interface (UI) would look before actually typing code in a text editor. These prototypes are effectively flat graphical representations of the project look and feel. They are simple to produce and facilitate quick changes to positioning and layout.
  • More complex projects benefit from working mockups that are viewable and navigable within a Web Browser. This allows a team to test drive the information architecture (IA) and simulate the user experience (UI) from a users perspective, without costly re-engineering within a production environment. For this task, Ottobyte utilises various static site generators to speed up the process.

It's often a misconception that a working mockup is suitable as a basis for a final product. Whilst this is certainly possible; depending on time constraints code efficiency and quality often suffer as a result.

Hosting and domains

Ottobyte can help setup hosting your website according to your needs. Depending on the data bandwidth and availability required, hosting can be cloud based, or have additional, dedicated resources. The standard hosting package offered includes daily data backups for piece of mind. Please feel free to discuss with me your requirements in more detail.